The Teaching and Writing Ministry of Justin Morton

A Great Homecoming

    This week is an exciting week for our Karns family. All week long our building will be buzzing with activity because it’s Lectureship week. Every morning from about 7:00 until 9:00 each evening, people will be walking the church building halls, looking at book displays from several different vendors, hearing the Gospel presented […]

Stop Talking About It!

This past weekend over 1,600 people from across the southeast attended an annual event in Savannah, TN known as Evangelism University, including 21 of us from Karns. This is always one of our group’s favorite events of the year. EU is a weekend devoted to training high school students to be more evangelistic among their […]

A Forgotten God

Isn’t it amazing how quickly our attitudes can change depending on our circumstances? We can go from feeling happy and blessed one moment, to feeling sad and depressed the next. Too often we allow our disappointing and difficult circumstances to cause us to forget all the blessings from God (Jam. 1:17) we have experienced along […]

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