>Are You Excited About Your Gift?


I have spent the last few posts discussing reasons why I believe this is the most wonderful time of the year. Today I would like to conclude this series of posts with a fourth and final reason and that is the excitement that this time of year generates.
With Christmas only 5 days away, kids and even most adults, are getting excited about all the events that they will be participating in come the next few days. In fact, I’m one of those adults. I am super excited about everything that we have going on. The holiday parties, the family get-togethers and yes, the presents. This is an exciting time of the year.
As I think about the excitement that I have and the excitement that I have observed from those around me during this holiday season, I can’t help but feel somewhat guilty. Why is it that this level of excitement that we see in our culture only comes once a year? Don’t we have a lot to be excited about?
Perhaps, it’s because of the traditions or family get-togethers. Maybe more realistically, it’s because of the presents and gifts that will be exchanged, at least every kid in America probably thinks so. However, as I think about this, I can’t help but realize that we have access to a gift that should generate excitement all year long.
Don’t get me wrong, I love getting Christmas presents. However, they all fail in comparison to the greatest gift of all, Jesus Christ. As I have already discussed, I think this is the most wonderful time of the year because of the focus that is placed upon Christ Jesus. This focus typically is in reference to his birth. However, maybe even more important than His birth was the reason He came to this earth in the first place. Jesus Christ was born in order to die. Yes, you read that correctly! Jesus was sent to this world for one purpose and one purpose only, to die for the sins of the world. Jesus Himself said, “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life” (John 3:16).
Friends, for this we should be excited all year long. God gave us the greatest gift that could ever possibly be given in order for us to have eternal life with Him. If that doesn’t get you excited, then I don’t know what will. In the next few days as the excitement and anticipation builds, think about the gift that God has offered to you, salvation. Are you as excited about this gift as you are your Christmas gifts?  
Now that’s Something to Think About!

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