A New Year Means A Fresh Start!


Can you believe that 2010 is now passed and 2011 is here? Most of us are excited about what this New Year holds. It’s as if we have a fresh lease on life. Every bad thing that happened in 2010 is gone, and we have done our best to forget about it.  Today marks the beginning of a fresh start.
            I’m not sure what goals or resolutions you have made for this New Year, but let me suggest to you a few that I think are worth your time and attention in 2011.
            First, make this the year where Bible class and worship are priorities in your life (Heb. 10:25). I never have understood why people like to skip out on something so vital to their spiritual development. Bible class and worship provide an opportunity to grow in our walks with God. Make it a point to begin your week with Bible study and worship. You won’t regret it!
            Second, make this the year where you look for ways to minister to others. There are so many ways to minister to others: listening to them, providing for them, praying for them, etc. Sometimes it’s the smallest things that make the biggest difference in the lives of others. Make this the year that you look for ways to minister to those around you.
            Third, make this the year where you give God all of your heart. So many times we are guilty of half-hearted Christianity. Let this be the year where God gets your whole heart and not just what is left over after you have devoted it to all the other things in your life. When we give God our hearts, everything else falls into place (Mt. 6:33). 
            Last year is gone, and we need to make the most of this year. Let’s all make 2011 the best year possible by attending worship and Bible class, looking for ways to minister to others and giving our whole hearts to God. If we do this, 2011 will be a great year!                                                     
            Now that’s Something to Think About!

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