Why Not Friendship Days?

Yesterday, we had our 2nd Annual Friendship Day. We had a good number of visitors attend and enjoy a fellowship meal with us. It was a great day! Our members took the challenge to invite their friends and neighbors seriously. We had a predetermined goal we wanted to reach. We promoted our big day every service. We had postcards made for our members to pass out. We designed an email for the members to foward to all their contacts. We had an event page on Facebook. We had the information posted weeks in advance on our sign outside. We did almost everything possible to make people aware of our Friendship Day and it paid off. We had a good number of friends and family attend. It was definitely a great day for the Karns congregation.

After seeing all the excitement generated yesterday, I couldn’t help but wonder what an impact Christians would make if we treated every Sunday as a Friendship Sunday. We go out of our way to invite our friends and neighbors on this “one” special day, but then we seem to neglect the other 51 Sundays of the year. Why don’t we make a big deal out of every Lord’s Day and not just the special one to boost our attendance? Why can’t each Sunday be Friendship Day?

Jesus told His followers to go and make disciples of all nations (Matt. 28:18-20). He told them to be His witnesses in all the world (Acts 1:8). Most of the disciples gave their lives for the cause of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. What are we doing? We have one big day of attendance and we get excited only to have our attendance drop back down to “normal” the next week. What if our congregations made every week Friendship Day. What if we placed the same effort and emphasis on next week that we did this past week? What if we promoted, talked up, and encouraged members to invite their friends and neighbors like this every week? After seeing such great results this past Sunday, imagine the possibilities if we put the same energy into inviting our friends and family every time we gathered together for Bible study and worship. Who knows, our congregations just might grow, both numerically and spiritually!

Now that’s Something to Think About!


  1. Jesse Nelsen

    Wow, great article Justin. I was actually in the planning stages of trying to put together a fellowship day, which I still feel is a good idea. Your thought has really changed my approach, thank you. Love you brother and miss you and your family.

    1. admin (Post author)

      Thank you Jesse. These “special” Sundays are good… I just wished we would make a bigger deal out of every Lord’s Day! We miss you guys around here. Hope you all are doing well. Keep up the good work brother!


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