One Big Mistake…

What do Benedict Arnold, Tiger Woods, Jephthah, Judas, Thomas and Peter all have in common? Each of these men are remembered for one BIG mistake. Benedict Arnold had a successful military career but is remembered for his treason. Tiger Woods is one of the greatest golfers to ever play but is remembered for his repeated acts of adultery. Jephthah was a great leader in Israel who is mentioned in the Hall of Faith in the book of Hebrews, but he is remembered for the tragic vow he made before God. Judas was an apostle of Jesus who carried the disciples’ money bag but is remembered for his kiss of betrayal. Thomas went outside the Roman empire and helped convert thousands to Christ but is remembered for his doubting the resurrection. Peter preached the first Gospel sermon but is remembered for his denial of Jesus.

In spite of the fact that each of these men had more successes than failures, they are remembered for one BIG mistake. People don’t reflect on all the good they did, only their brief moments of weakness. What if no matter how much good we do, others only remember our failures and moments of weaknesses? What if after we’ve passed from this life, all people can say about us centers around our mistakes?

Friends, let’s be careful to live our lives in such a God-honoring way that when others go to speak evil of us, they have nothing to say because we are remembered for the good and not for the mistakes we made. This doesn’t mean we will be perfect and never mess up, it just means our God-honoring life will outweigh our mistakes and failures.

For we aim at what is honorable not only in the Lord’s sight but also in the sight of man.” (2 Cor 8:21)

That you may be blameless and innocent, children of God without blemish in the midst of a crooked and twisted generation, among whom you shine as lights in the world.”  (Phil. 2:15)

Now that’s Something to Think About!


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