LABELS: Seeing As God Sees

We just recently held our annual Fall ADVANCE for our student ministy. I have to say, I believe this was the best ADVANCE I’ve ever been a part of. The students were awesome and had some great things to say about the lessons presented.

Due to the positive feedback I’ve received, I am making available the keynote lessons I presented. It is my hope and prayer these lessons will be a blessing to everyone who reads them.

To find out more about downloading a copy of the lessons, continue reading below.

We live in an age were people label everyone they know. Some people wear the label: funny, smart, popular, honor student, kind, cool and athletic. Others wear lables like: uncool, dorky, outcast, loser, reject, worthless and stupid.

This three part series is a study devoted to helping us learn to see ourselves and others the way God sees us. Below are the titles for each lesson provided.

1. Wait! Seeing Past the Label

2. Seeing YOU as God sees YOU

3. What Label Defines You?

Click here to download LABELS – Seeing As God Sees

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