A Needed Habit

Habits Series

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If you were to describe your life in one word right now, what word would you use? Hectic? Fast? Busy? Crazy? Uncontrollable? These words, or words very similar, would probably be the most likely words we would use when describing our lives. But what if when asked, we could respond, “My life is simple.” Can you imagine how nice it would be to live a simple life?

We live in a society that values things. People think to be the best you must have the most, be the highest paid, get all the awards and be the most popular. Yet, what does that do for you in the long run? Nothing! The only thing it produces is stress and busyness. Consider how much of our time is spent on doing things to impress others or to serve our own desires. Doesn’t this complicate our lives much more? Doesn’t this cause our lives to be everything but simple?

The key to having a simple life is not getting caught up in having the best of everything and working ourselves to death in order to gain more. Jesus made it clear the path to heaven was far more difficult for the rich than the poor (Mark 10:17-25). Why is this? Because having “things” can cloud our judgment to the point we have a greater love for possessions than eternal life. When we have a greater love for possessions than eternal life, we’re willing to do anything to obtain more, even live lives that are crazy, hectic and totally out of control.

It’s important for us to incorporate the needed habit of simplicity into our lives. By doing this we will keep things in perspective because we’re not so caught up in the next “big thing” and more caught up in Jesus.

Think about it this way: when our lives on this earth pass, will those “things” get us anywhere? Certainly not! So why not stop trying to keep up with everyone else, and just allow yourself to live a simple life. After all, Jesus never meant for your life to be so crazy. He simply wants us to follow Him (Matt. 4:20, 22).

QUESTION: How can people make their lives less hectic and more simple? What are the benefits of living a simple life?

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